Initial Cleanup Cost

$50 per 5 Gallon Bucket for one time clients. $25 per bucket for recurring clients

Postpaid Per Cleanup Bi-weekly - Regular

Price is per clean up, billed bi-weekly post cleaning.
# of Dogs123456
Two Times A Week$14.00$16.00$18.00$20.00$22.00$24.00
Once A Week$16.00$18.00$20.00$22.00$24.00$26.00
Twice A Month$30.00$34.00$36.00$38.00$40.00$42.00
Once a month price per bucket
Once A Month: Price Per 5 Gallon Bucket$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00$50.00

Spot Treatment Initial - $39.99
Spot treatment recurring - $9.99
Deodorizer Services - $4.99

*Rocky areas and over sized yards are subject to a surcharge
*Prices are subject to change without notice. The above rates are for average weekly volume of waste and time required to remove the waste. Due note yards with above average waste or yards that require above average time will be automatically adjusted to an appropriate rate so we may clean the yard in it's entirety.