We will give you an exact quote when we see the yard. Subject to initial cleaning fee. *Prices are subject to change without notice. The above rates are for average weekly volume of waste and time required to remove the waste. Due note yards with above average waste or yards that require above average time will be automatically adjusted to an appropriate rate so we may clean the yard in it's entirety.


Why hire a Professional Pooper Scooper?

Nobody likes the necessary chore, but for the health of our furry family members we must maintain a clean and disease-free yard. This service is also available to those with mobility issues, working professionals and new parents to name a few.


Do you secure the gate on entrance and exit?

Yes, your dog's safety is our priority. We always secure the gate on entrance and exit from your yard.


Does my initial cleaning cost more?

Initials cleanings do typically cost more than our weekly services; we are very efficient and strive to give you the best rate. Typical initial rates cost under $49.99.


How do you charge me for services?

We accept cash and checks, though direct deposit or automatic card is our preferred method of payment.


How much are Colorado Pooper Scoopers services?

Our service prices are competitive and range from $8 per service and up.


Who should hire a professional pooper scooper company?

Those with mobility issues, those who can't pick up waste due to health reasons, working professionals, new parents and park managers. Its not a glamorous job but someone has to do it. Maintaining the removal of pet waste is critical in your animal's health.


Are there any contracts involved?

NO! We are confident in the value of our service that you will continue our services without the need for contracts. Cancle any time!


Should I unlock my gate?

Yes, our tech will not climb over any fences. We will also provide a combination lock upon request.


Do I need to restrain my dog?

Only if your dog is aggressive with strangers. We love dogs and don't mind if they are out while we service.


Do you service yards year-round?

Yes, we do, weather permitting.


What about Holiday service?

Our tech and office will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas. (All services that fall on these days will be serviced on the next available day.


What about vacations?

You can postpone, cancle or change at any time.


How do we add or remove a dog from our account?

Please call us to provide an update or you may add and remove dogs in your client portal.


What if we move?

Simply call us with your new location and we will do the rest.


Do you guarantee your work?

Yes we do!!! Should you ever be dissatisfied with our service, there will be no charge and we will reclean it ASAP.


Do you offer flexible scheduling?

We will always work with you for a time and day that is convenient. Most areas do have set service days though.


How will I know when you are coming?

When signing up, you can opt into calls / text messaging. Options include notifications for when we are on the way, when we complete, or when we are delayed.


How will I know it's you in the yard?

In addition to notifications, we can knock and ring when we arrive. Our service techs also wear bright reflective vests.


Can I be billed automatically?

Yes, this is the preferred method of payment, though checks and cash are also accepted


Do you service litter boxes and cages?

Yes we do, please call us for a quote


Do you offer services to cities and counties?

Yes we do! Be it open spaces, dog parks, playgrounds. We also provide goose poop removal.


What if there is bad weather?

If the ground is clear and it is above freezing, our techs will be there.


How do you reschedule weather related delays?

Should we have to reschedule; we will do it within the following 3 days. If we are unable to service you by then, your service will be rescheduled for the following week.


What if there is an aggressive dog?

We love dogs and work great with them. However, we realize that we are in the dogs domain. Should you have a protective dog, we request that you secure them prior to our arrival.


What if the gate is locked?

We will knock and inform you, but our tech will not climb or jump fences. Therefore, if the gate is locked, we will reschedule on the first instance but will charge for future occurrences.


Can the dogs be out while you clean?

Yes, if your fur babies allow us to scoop, we prefer they get to know us.


How do you find all the waste?

We use a grid pattern ensuring we overlap the entire service area. Our techs also trained and experienced in the art of waste removal.


Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured!


How frequently can you service my yard?

Typical yards require once a week service, we can however service your yard up to 3 days a week.


What other services do you offer?

Small animal enclosures, city and private parks, cat litter and bird cages.


How much does the service cost?

Rates vary, but the start as low as $8 pert visit!


What is the best way to dispose of animal waste?

We take the waste with us and properly dispose of it in local area landfills. It is not recommended to compost animal waste.


Do you offer any specials or discounts for new customers or for veterans and first responders?

Typically for maintained yards, we do not charge an initial fee when you sign up for reoccurring services. Veterans and First responders may receive an additional 10% discount upon request.


My gate is broken, can you still service my yard?

Yes, however our tech will never jump or climb a fence. Please provide access to your yard.


We haven't cleaned for several weeks / months, is there an initial charge?

Generally, when a yard hasn't been serviced for more than 2 weeks, there can be significant waste. Our standard rate for one-time cleanings or for yards that have not been serviced in a while is $55 per 5 gallon bucket. Most initial cleanings go for under $49.99. All subsequent cleanings are at our weekly rates. This information can be found at: https://coloradopooperscoopers.com/service-pricing/


How do I know you have serviced our yard?

Upon signing up, you can view our service days in the client portal. Our service tech will also text you or leave a flyer on your door indicating we were there.


My dog doesn't use the yard, can you service other areas?

Yes we can, we will service front, back and side yards, dog runs and pool areas. Please contact us with any special requests.


How long have you been in business?

Established in July 2021


Who owns and operates Colorado Pooper Scoopers?

Colorado Pooperscooper is a family owned and operated business founded by Jennifer Adamo and Justin Cooley. We are both Colorado Natives, and Justin is a combat veteran, prior senior officer specialist with the U.S. Department of Justice and Special operations officer with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


Do you service other pet waste?

Yes, we service snake, guinea pig, and hamster enclosures as well as cat litter. Please call for a direct quote 720-594-3504


What zip codes do you service

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  • 80001
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